Fashion Friday: Let’s hear it for the boys


Photo by David Bartus. CC0 License.

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By Isabel Yagerman and Connie Rim, Staff Writers

For all those girls out there who have glanced at a men’s shirt and loved it, now’s your chance to grab it off the hanger.

Fitted clothing has always been standard for women, and looser, boxy-er outfits for men, but all that is changing. Form-fitting is out; oversized is in. Not only are women’s designers walking baggier clothing down the runway, but they’re also using pinstriped fabrics and other types of shirting typically seen in menswear. This new combination of men’s fabric and silhouettes being utilized in women’s fashion is causing a blurry line between genders in the garment industry.

The recent popularity of button down shirts are one example of this growing trend. These shirts aren’t just to look professional- with so many patterns and fabrics, it has become a closet staple suitable for any occasion. Whether you leave it unbuttoned or tied around the waist, the button down is becoming on anyone without compromising your own sense of style.

Senior Leah Harrigan personally loves styling a casual button down shirt “unbuttoned with an embroidered camisole underneath” for a more delicate appearance. Now that fall is finally here, you can also layer up by wearing an oversized sweater over the shirt buttoned all the way up for a chic, preppy look.

However, not everyone agrees on ways to style menswear. Sophomore Zoe Sharif commented that, even though she’s a big fan of oversized sweaters and sweatshirts, they should be styled more casually, “so an oversized sweatshirt should be paired with leggings or sweatpants rather than with jeans.”

As far as the idea of menswear’s appearance in women’s fashion, she believes that, even though some people oppose the idea of gender fluid clothing, “if you’re comfortable with how you look and feel, then good for you.” Comfort in personal style is surely a part of the new wave of fashion; uniqueness has become the new conformity.

It’s not just females who are excited about this trend. Sophomore William Kim commented “Seeing how designers are not only incorporating menswear into women’s fashion in a stylish way, but also further developing it in order to fit today’s trend, is really interesting and creative.”

The fashion world continues to break stereotypes, cater to all, and expand our horizons. Women and men are no longer as separate as they used to be, and to many people, it is exciting and positive. This new trend of menswear as womenswear doesn’t have to be for everyone, but it is definitely revolutionary and cutting-edge. In the words of William, “girls rock it.”