Necessity of Student Union Cards

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With the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year comes the start-of-year sources of stress: shopping for stationery, requesting program changes, and of course, buying Student Union cards.

All Townsend Harris High School students are required to purchase a Student Union (SU) card in September. These cards were sold at the SU store in the cafeteria and in room 115 during lunch bands. Students received a free agenda book with the purchase of a card. Each card was priced at $15, with all proceeds being collected by the SU Executive Board.

Sophomore Aisha Nawal said, “The SU cards are meant for the student body and are used to support trips and other extracurricular activities.” Coordinator of Student Activities Sarah Oberlander seconds this and encourages students to find out more information about SU cards and understand their purpose. She stated, “Students can learn more [about SU cards] from their class Senators and Grade Leaders. They can also speak with the Hawks Nest Manager or any SU Executive Board member.”

Freshman-Sophomore Class President Annlin Su, who serves on the SU Executive Board said: “It’s efficient to raise money by selling SU cards. The money obtained from SU card sales would go to the SU treasury. The money raised actually goes back to the students, but in the form of benefits.” The SU uses the money collected from selling SU cards to fund various student body activities throughout the school year. Among these events is the upcoming Hall Decorating event, a THHS tradition in which each grade selects a color and theme and decorates their respective floor accordingly.

Ms. Oberlander added, “It’s a great opportunity to express our creativity, spirit, and Class pride. It is a bonding experience that many students take part in every year.”

“I don’t see it as the SU simply taking our money. I see it as investing in the SU,” said Annlin. “With investments, benefits will come. Our investments will be worth it.”