Student Spotlight: RosaLydia Caputo

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By Kelly Casottana and Rochelle Lin, Staff Writers

Although Townsend Harris is known for its studious individuals, there is a significant and ever-growing athletic presence. One student, RosaLydia Caputo, stands out among the student-athlete population.

Rosa has been playing sports for most of her life, and she is currently on three varsity teams—basketball, volleyball, and softball.

Being on one varsity team is very time consuming, let alone three. Rosa shared her method to succeeding in both the classroom and in the game. “I balance my school work by prioritizing what work needs to get done,” she said. “So if I have a test the day of a game, I will try and study in the days before, or do whatever work I can before that day so the workload is lessened that night.”

Playing sports helps Rosa cope with the challenges of school as well. She said, “[Going to practice] is a great way to relieve stress after a long day in school. For two hours, I can escape all the work I have, or whatever else may be bothering me.”

Having been an avid athlete since the second grade, Rosa credits sports for playing an integral role in her life and shaping who she is today.

Rosa explained how being captain has helped her to break free from her shy exterior, saying “Having to step up and guide my team has made me a leader. I need to be vocal and make sure everyone stays on task and works hard.”

Being that sports have become a major part of Rosa’s life, she hopes to continue playing in college. “I’ve been playing sports for such a long time that it would be weird to me if I didn’t continue to play,” she explained. “I’m trying to get recruited for any of the sports I play on but I’m mostly focusing on basketball because I’ve been playing that for the longest.”

Townsend itself also seems to have a great impact on creating a sense of community among its teams. When comparing teams outside of school to the varsity teams she now plays for, Rosa says that Townsend offers a better sense of unity. “The Townsend teams are more of a team than any other I’ve been on; everyone genuinely cares for each other and we are like each other’s in-school family,” she said. “My other teams happen to lack that important dynamic.”

Rosa continues to challenge herself, support her teammates, and constantly strive to be better. “Everyone [on the team] is super close and we all look out for each other,” Rosa concluded. “For each sport I constantly try to motivate everyone and keep the energy up. ”