Spotlight: Junior Yanaiya Jain reflects on her journey creating and running personal podcast

Spotlight: Junior Yanaiya Jain reflects on her journey creating and running personal podcast
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“Every time I edit an episode or listen back, [I think,] ‘Oh my goodness, I love it,’” said junior Yanaiya Jain on her self-managed podcast, What’s On Your Mind

Launched in late April 2021, What’s On Your Mind features weekly episodes that delve into topics such as women’s empowerment, social issues, small businesses, entrepreneurship, and other subjects that Yanaiya is passionate about. Many episodes feature prominent female achievers within the community as guests, spotlighting their experiences, challenges, and aspirations. With episodes available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, What’s On Your Mind has seen a steadily increasing fanbase as Yanaiya continues to earnestly pursue her personal project.

When reflecting on challenges faced during her podcast’s incipient stages, Yanaiya said, “It’s not easy getting a podcast off its feet, and mine was no exception. However, many of the challenges I faced were internal rather than external. I dealt with a lot of ‘Are they going to respond?…Is this enough?’ Things that weren’t necessarily in my control because I did what I could, you know?”

Despite spells of doubt at times, Yanaiya also recalled feelings of optimism and excitement after getting What’s On Your Mind off the ground. She said, “I dealt with some things, like everyone did during the [pandemic], and I was forced to come up with a new hobby. I have always wanted to do something like [a podcast], so when I got the green light from my parents, I was like ‘OK! Let’s do this!’”

Yanaiya expressed her enjoyment of the envisioning, recording, editing, and promoting processes involved in each episode. “I always come out of my [guest] interviews feeling so energized,” she said. “My top three are my episodes with Taylor Price (the first episode), Haley Hoffman Smith, and my New Year’s resolutions solo episode. Taylor and Haley are two people I have looked up to for [a long time] now and being able to build that relationship with them has been such a dream come true.”

For Harrisites interested in media or podcast production, Yanaiya gave some advice, saying, “It definitely takes up a lot of time, especially when putting your full effort in. I will not sugar coat it— it has not been easy; I have had to give up other things and lighten my load a little. [But] it makes it easier when you have people in your corner and those who support your endeavors.”

Photo courtesy of What’s On Your Mind Spotify page