THHS Bowling Season Commences

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By:  Barry Hui, Jacky Li, Sohail Sookram, Rafal Szczerba, Staff Writers

The boys bowling team is rolling off to a mixed start as they begin getting used to their new position in Division 1.

The boys bowling team had their first official Division 1 match this year against Benjamin N. Cardozo High School on September 26. With many bowlers excited about moving up two divisions from the prior year, the team was hopeful about their chances with this first game. They suffered a lopsided 3-0 loss. Junior Daniel Shi said, “We were all really pumped up since it was the first game of the season and so the loss was even more deflating. Also, personally I was bowling really bad so it wasn’t the best feeling,” he admits.

Two days later however, they had their second game against Flushing High School. This time, they won 2-1 with a noticeably better performance. Shi brightens up when we mention the second game. “Coming back to win against Flushing was a great feeling,” he comments. “After suffering a loss in the first game of the season, our team really needed the win to show us that we can do it and to help us gain our confidence back.”

Sophomore Vishnu Kumar gave us insight into the problems that the team faced which contributed to the loss against Cardozo. “Initially, not all of the members were able to support one another; some were just purely focused on their own game, while others were getting used to the new atmosphere since it was the first game,” he evaluated. “But team spirit was probably the most important thing that was lacking during the game.”

The team’s spirit was soon overflowing as they scored a second victory against Forest Hills High School on October 3rd. “We beat them 3-0,” sophomore Arnold Yee said. “This was a major reversal from our game last Wednesday.” With a second consecutive win, things looking up for the team.

Since their last win on October 3rd, the team has played a total of 3 games, including a game with Bayside High School and Robert F. Kennedy Community High School, and a rematch with Cardozo. They lost all of them 2-1, but senior Manveer Singh is not deterred. He claims these losses are important for the team’s future success. “The games taught us an important lesson of keeping calm and staying in control,” he says. “We learned to deal with the pressure and stay collected during the game.”

The Hawks coach, Niki Fountoulis, shares her own take on the games they have played so far. “We played a good game. We are a new team with a lot of young men who are motivated to come together, learn the game and improve on their skills,” she said. Her optimism and faith in the team is evident as she goes on to say, “I already see so many improvements and with that it’s my belief that we will finish off the rest of the season strong.” For her, as long as the team stays motivated and continues to build on what they already have they should be in a good position at the end of the season.

Despite being constrained by pressure going against new and highly skilled opponents, the bowlers hope to find their rhythm soon. With the “first game jitters out of the way,” as he puts it, captain Daniel Singh is assured that his team will step up and perform at their best with a newfound level of confidence.