New captains lead boys badminton

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The boys badminton season has kicked-off and coach Matthew Lemanczyk has appointed seniors Andy Ng and Vincent Lian as captains. After their junior year season, the two have momentum and are looking forward to the upcoming year.

Andy, deemed the team’s MVP, has been playing badminton for nine years. He said, “I have so many more responsibilities [as captain] since I have to help the team and our coach with training and line ups. Being captain also means I have to be a good role model to the rest of my team members, especially the underclassmen.” 

Vincent added, “I am so happy that the team has grown in the past 3 years, and one of my goals is to see how badminton can grow and become more popular.” 

Coach Lemanczyk is confident in their abilities to lead the team and continue their excellent playing. “They are not only the two best players with the most experience, they are also incredible leaders who share their knowledge of the game with everyone on the team. Those attributes sum up what a captain should be,” he said.

Junior Keith Yeung, who is going to start his second year on the team, commented, “The team captains are literally the backbone of the team. Their guidance and knowledge are essential.” 

The badminton team is looking to improve upon last season, which saw them make the playoffs for the first time in school history with a total of eight wins and four losses.  Andy had a particularly exceptional season, going undefeated in all of his singles matches. Under their new leadership, the team hopes to continue to perform well in their next home match on Thursday, October 10.