Townsend students await the kickoff of Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday is coming up this weekend, and many students around Townsend Harris are excited for the championship game. The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the San Francisco 49ers but, for most, it doesn’t matter which teams are playing in the game. THHS students enjoy watching the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons, regardless of whether their favorite team is playing in it or not.

Junior Christopher Sullivan said that even though his favorite team, the Philadelphia Eagles, has been eliminated from the playoffs, “the overall excitement of [the Super Bowl] and the culmination of a great season is why I watch. Plus Patrick Mahomes versus the San Francisco defense should be fun to watch.” Sophomore Jacob Davidson echoed this sentiment and said, “I watch because I love the game of football. It’s great to watch the two best teams face off.”

For some, Super Bowl Sunday is a day to spend some time with family and friends. “I love spending time with my family and friends, and I think the Super Bowl helps bring us together,” said Jacob.

The Super Bowl isn’t known just for being the championship game. Its halftime show consistently draws in more viewers than the actual game. Junior Nicole Asiryan said, “Even though I like football, I love watching the halftime show to see the amazing production and the performances from the great artists every year. I’m excited to see what [this year’s halftime performers] Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform this year.”

Super Bowl Sunday has become an American phenomenon, whether or not viewers care more for the teams playing, the finale of the season, or the halftime performance. It provides an opportunity for many to relax and enjoy the company of their family and friends. As Chris summed up, “ [Super Bowl Sunday] is a great day to spend time with the people around you, regardless if you are a fan of football or not.”