Sharing Super Bowl halftime show thoughts

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Millions of Americans tuned in to watch Superbowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs; however, the halftime performance by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez proved to have stolen the show. 

Most Harrisites seemed to enjoy the show, like sophomore Maggie Zheng. She thought that “2020’s halftime show was better compared to the previous years because the previous halftime show song choices didn’t necessarily suit the vibe of the show.”

Senior Dropati Mahima saw the show as something anyone could enjoy. She explained,“There was a little bit of everything and the Latino mix was creative and enjoyable on both parts, with two singers united being amazing.”

However, some viewers on social media stirred controversy by commenting on the outfits that some of the performers wore. 

Freshman John-Carlos Mateo disagrees with criticisms, saying that “people were being very immature. I can see why people disliked the show, but it’s not that big of a deal. Compared to last year, 2020’s show was better performance wise, so you shouldn’t be mad at that.” 

Despite the uproar, peoples’ opinion on the show still remained positive. Maggie said, “with this year’s Superbowl, despite the controversy surrounding it, it hyped up the crowd more.”

Physical Education teacher Matt Lemanczyk watches the Super Bowl every year, and despite only having watched a part of the halftime show, he said, “ The music was excellent and I thought it was pretty cool that J-Lo included her daughter in the performance.  Both artists were excellent and put on a tremendous show.”