Boys basketball head into playoffs after undefeated season

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The boys basketball team has finished the season with an undefeated record of 15-0. It has been a long journey from day one of practice to being one of the top teams in the city going into the playoffs. They will have their first playoff game tomorrow. 

Captain Jahdon Jerome helped lead the team despite not making the playoffs the past couple of years. “After being on the team for three years, this is the first season we’ve had a winning record in that time,” he mentioned. “So as a captain, I try to lead by showing how to act when you experience highs and lows.” 

Although the team has a perfect record, the team faced obstacles throughout the season. With only five upperclassmen and many new players, the team had to build their chemistry. As a team, their collective goal was to play every game passionately and strategically. “We’ve been able to maintain this success consistently because we take it one game at a [time] and take each one seriously. Whether the team is strong or weak, the game counts or doesn’t, we give 100 percent every game,” said senior Harman Singh.

The team practices six days a week to ensure they are ready to compete. Freshman Matthew Cantor said, “Our coach has scheduled scrimmages for us to play other schools outside of our division to get even more practice. We have gone against some good, physical teams [but] we persisted to beat these teams.” 

Everyone has been able to contribute towards the team’s success. “We are also extremely proud to be able to represent our school and show that Townsend Harris is not just an academic first school but can also excel athletically,” said sophomore Matthew Duca.

The boys basketball team isn’t done yet with their victorious season. Be on the lookout for the team as they ride this momentum into the playoffs.