Girls varsity soccer team remains the undefeated champion this fall season

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Since the start of the 2021 season, the Girls Varsity Soccer Team has been dominant in the Queens A League with a ten game winning streak.

Led by team captains junior Amelia Ferrell, and seniors Zuzanna Kowalski and Angelina Kretz, the team has scored a total of 30 points, an average of three points a game. 

Discussing the string of victories, the captains expressed confidence in future matches and in their teammates. 

Amelia said, “I definitely think our team will continue on our winning streak… I’m not worried at all about the outcome [of the next games].” 

“In my entire high school experience, I’ve never been more confident in a team before,” Angelina said. 

The Hawks players are confident that they can win. “Our team is very close-knit this year and that has helped a lot in our performance,” said Amelia. 

The only team that seems to pose a challenge to the Hawks’ perfect season are the Francis Lewis Patriots, who are also averaging three points per game. Both teams have also scored at most nine points in a single game. 

“I do believe that they are somewhat of a challenge to us, but we have become more of a threat to them,” said Angelina. 

Amelia said, “Francis Lewis is 100% the strongest competition in our division. I would consider them a threat and I know the match will be tough, but I have a lot of faith in our team this year.”

One factor that might make a difference is the Hawks’ mascot, Gregorio. The team purchased the adorably menacing cursed baby statue from Spirit Halloween in Astoria prior to a game with William C. Bryant. Clad in a blue onesie, Gregorio’s innocent appearance is marred by his sickeningly green decaying flesh and the unnerving pointed look provided by his accusing eyes and furrowed brow. It began a tradition of them bringing this statue to every game, attracting uneasy stares from opposing coaches and becoming a symbol of intimidation. 

“Even though he was unexpected, he ended up being an asset to the team and it’s both something that the girls and I believe is a joke but also something that kind of brings us together too,”Angelina said.

The Hawks and the Patriots are set to play on October 21. This fateful encounter will be the final game of the regular season.

Photo courtesy of the Girls Varsity soccer team