New Boys Varsity Soccer Team Captains discuss upcoming season

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As they begin the fall season, the Boys Soccer Team has gone 1-2 in the results of their first three matches. The team captains have taken the opportunity to reflect on their experiences and share their hopes for the remainder of the season.

This year’s captains are seniors Max Silver, Christian Smith, and Adam Hammond, who have all been playing since their freshman year. When asked about the captains’ involvement with the team, Max said, “It was really cool, especially last year, when our team reached the third round of playoffs, which was the furthest [we] had made [it] in years. To be a part of the team and now be this year’s captain really gives me a feeling of accomplishment going from a bench player to captain.” 

Christian said, “Last year we finished the furthest we ever had in the playoffs, making it to the quarter finals. Now, because we improved so much, we moved up into the A division for the first time. Just this positive trend alone would make my experience on the team a great one, but what’s even more important are the individuals who make up the team.” 

As they welcome a new generation of freshman players, the captains reflected on team chemistry and bonding during their first few games. Christian said, “Everyone treats each other like close friends and this is the same even with the people joining the team for the first time this year. We make sure that nobody feels ostracized from the rest of the group because at the end of the day, soccer is a team sport.” 

Adam said, “Team bonding has been great and the new players have adapted to the team so well that it feels like they have been on the team previously.” 

They also delved into their responsibilities as team leaders, including making sure the team stays on task in practice and avoids goofing off too much.

Max said, “I also have to set standards for the team and hold everybody accountable for their actions on the field, whether good or bad. And finally, I have to make sure practice runs smoothly by telling everyone what’s going on and communicating with the team about our schedule.” 

Christian said, “This year the captains were chosen differently. I was elected through a voting process by the team, and because of this I really want to set a good example for them. As a captain, my responsibilities revolve around keeping a positive atmosphere within our team. As much as it pushes me to play my best, I feel that the primary role of the captain is bringing the team together, which I strive to do.”

Finally, each of the captains expressed their aspirations for the rest of the season. Adam said, “My hopes for the season are to make the playoffs and try to replicate what we did last year. I believe our team is good enough to try to replicate our success from last year.” 

Max said, “ Individually, I would like to score 3 goals this year. As a team, my goal is for us to win as many games as possible and try to make it as far as we did last year in the playoffs.” 

Christian said his goals were to get to the quarter finals in the playoffs.  “Now that we’re in the A division, we’re going to find this a lot more difficult,” he said. “I feel like the most important thing is to have a team with people who trust each other.”