With summer now officially over, here were the top book picks from summer 2022


Jialin Chen

Students share their favorite books from this summer.

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This summer was a time for students to unwind from school and relax with friends and family; while some students traveled, others decided to read purely for pleasure and explore new genres of different books. The Classic asked students to share their favorite books that they read this summer. 

Starting off, sophomore Julia Parker read The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas, a very popular summer romance book. The story starts off with Catalina Martin, the main character, being desperate for a date to her sister’s wedding. When her office nemesis, Aaron Blackford, offers to go with her, Catalina immediately says no. However, Aaron is her only option and she decides to go. Julia commented, “I loved the enemies-to-lovers aspect of the book and how two people can find comfort in each other even if they sometimes ‘hate’ each other. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves romance.”

Sophomore Maliha Mosharraf prefers stories that pull at the heartstrings but deliver an important message. She read Wish by Barbara O’Conner which focuses on the protagonist, Charlie Reese, who every day hopes that her disconnected family will heal. Eventually, she moves to a town with her aunt and uncle, where she learns the true meaning of family. Maliha said, “I loved the message behind the book and how the author shed light on parental love and how it can be difficult to communicate with family sometimes. O’Conner made me realize the importance of family and how you should always cherish the memories you make with them.”

Similar to Maliha, sophomore Azeezat Yusaf also read an emotional book – Coming Up for Air by Nicole B Tyndall – which centers around loss and grief that two high school students carry in their hearts. Eventually, they find comfort in each other’s company. She said, “this book gave me a new perspective about families and shows genuine struggles that a high schooler can face…. I like the fact that [the book] is not afraid to dive deep into topics that some other books may shy away from. However, this book does have trigger warnings; this is not your average high school romance book.”

Freshman Shayera Mourin preferred reading science fiction books this summer. She read Meet Me in Another Life by Catriona Silvey. The plot highlights two people who meet each other in one life after another. Soon, they start to remember their past lives and embark on a mission to get out of the loop. Shayera said, “I really recommend this book to anybody that is new to reading since this book helped me to get into reading. I would also recommend this book to anybody who is interested in science fiction.” She also mentioned, “One aspect of the book resonated with me since it shows how people see different sides of you, including your friends or family. In the end, we often never truly understand a person since there are so many perspectives.”

Junior Karen Lin is a romantic at heart and decided to dive into the fantastical world of Colleen Hoover over the summer. Karen mentioned that her favorite read of the summer was It Ends With Us, one of Hoover’s most well-known novels. The plot entails a young woman who grew up in an abusive home and later involves herself in a similar relationship with a seemingly perfect man. The novel traces her complex journey into betrayal, conflict, and self-discovery. Karen said, “Despite the conflicting opinions surrounding this book, I found it to be an interesting and thought-provoking read nonetheless. Two of my friends read it with me at the same time, and we would often make references or discuss it in our casual conversations.”

Relaxation during summer break can come in various forms, including traveling far off to a new destination or even just exploring a new world from the comfort of your own home.