Meet the captains leading the undefeated girls soccer team


Anna Bogonis

The captains of the undefeated girls soccer team reflect on their season so far.

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The Girls Varsity Soccer Team started their season with a 4-1 win against Middle College High School. Since then, the team has remained undefeated with a 7-0 record. The captains for this season are seniors Amelia Ferrell, Natalia Ramlogan, and Irene Skandalakis. 

When asked about their experience with the team throughout high school, Irene (who is a producer for The Classic Critic) said, “I joined the team my sophomore year during quarantine, so our season took place throughout the Spring of 2021. I think that our team easily grew close since school was completely online and for some of us going to practices took up most of our time going out. Even with our first year back in person, the girls I met from the soccer team became and stayed my closest friends.”

Becoming a captain of a sports team comes with various responsibilities and expectations. Natalia said, “It feels fulfilling to be captain because I want to do right by my teammates. Being captain involves communication on the field, being a leader to my teammates, and setting a good example, but I also do things like help new players learn the game, encourage them to do their best, and take care of other things like fundraising.”

With new players joining the team for this season, the new captains reflected on team bonding efforts at the start of their season. Amelia (a multimedia editor for The Classic) said, “We’ve gotten a lot of new players since last year, and it’s been super fun for the team dynamic. This year, we have a lot of Friday games, so we’ll go out to eat after school before our games, which has helped us become a lot closer.” 

Natalia also said, “This season, our team really feels tight-knit. We have great chemistry on and off the field, even with players who are new to the team.” 

“The captains make the team like a family,” said Junior Ioanna Giannopoulou.  

Freshman Sophia Lee said that the captains not only improved her soccer experience, but also helped her transition to a new school. “The captains were very welcoming, gave me advice, and helped me meet new people,” said Sophia. 

Junior Jacqueline Lowenhaupt said, “I think that the captains are doing a great job. They are very encouraging and give good tips. 

Each of the new captains also reflected on their hopes for this season. Amelia said, “I hope to go all the way, especially with our 12-0-1 record from last season. I think we can definitely win the Queens division, so I’m super excited to see how the playoffs play out.” 

Irene said, “I am really happy with our team this season as I think we have been coming together more as we have played more games.”

Natalia also said, “Even though this season has already begun, I hope and know that our team will go far because of our time and effort that we put in.”