Harrisites flock to Harry Styles concerts at Madison Square Garden


Veronica Kuzma

Many Harrisites watched Harry Styles live at his concerts in Madison Square Garden.

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Singer-songwriter Harry Styles has quickly topped the charts and has become one of the most popular and listened to artists, currently sitting at the second slot on the Billboard 100. He released 3 studio albums in the past five years and has just recently played a lead role in the movie Don’t Worry Darling, acting alongside actress Florence Pugh. Styles began his tour, Love On Tour, last year, performing songs from his second studio album Fine Line throughout the United States. He then flew over to Europe and South America, repeatedly selling out stadiums, and eventually arrived at New York City’s Madison Square Garden.

Harry Styles proceeded to fill Madison Square Garden fifteen times in a row, each time in a new outfit and playing tracks from both his second and third studio albums: Fine Line and Harry’s House. He also included One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and his unreleased song “Medicine.” 

Senior Amber Spolansky said, “I saw Harry Styles last Halloween and two times this summer. The feeling you have even before the concerts starts is indescribable. Everyone there is so kind, and the energy is unmatched.” Whether he’s showcasing his latest outfit or carrying around a boa, fans have gone repeatedly to hear him sing. 

Sophomore Madison Donenfeld said, “Harry at Madison Square Garden was a great experience. I thought that the fact that one of my favorite artists had 15 concerts in my city was really special. Harry is an insane performer. Even if someone’s not a huge fan of his, I recommend they see him at some point.” 

When it comes to Styles’s choices of clothing, as his whole tour had been styled by Gucci, sophomore Tristin Hall said, “his outfits are very expressive and he shows that his creativity is not only in music but in fashion and clothes, in which he has become a trendsetter.” 

Madison said, “it was a routine for me and my friends: every night we would check what he was wearing.” Each night the concerts were elevated by the polka dots, sequins, tracksuits, and zig zags Styles arrived in. 

Sophomore Denise Chan, who also attended a show over the summer, talked about Styles as a performer. She said, “Harry has a charm that makes him this charismatic individual that somehow manages to get the entire crowd to dance and sing their hearts out. As an artist, I definitely enjoy his music but there’s so much more about him.”

For those who couldn’t attend or were unable to purchase tickets, social media was able to provide clips of every note-worthy moment from each of the concerts.  Freshman Kinza Hafeez said, “the TikToks and reels of concert clips showcase Harry’s concert and take people who weren’t able to go live on a sort of virtual concert, so they can still enjoy what they missed.”

Pictures and videos posted on Instagram showed up in feeds everywhere while TikToks of Styles jumping across the stage and reading fans’ signs received hundreds of millions of views.