Halloween Costume Ideas 2022

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It is October, meaning the spooky season arrives with new Halloween costumes to fit the needs of the season. Here are some ideas for costumes based on ones that will be worn by Townsend Harris High School students:

Individual Costumes
Many students are interested in purchasing their entire costume piece. Junior Alishya Loyd plans on buying an inflatable cow costume. She stated that she wanted the costume to be funny and had found inspiration for the costume from TikTok and Pinterest.
Other students will be putting their costumes together from scratch. Junior Shannon Jackman, who wants to dress up as an angel for Halloween, stated that the parts for her costume included “a corset, a white fluffy skirt, wings, a halo and white stockings.” Her inspiration also came from social media platforms such as Pinterest.
Some students are dressing up based on characters from existing forms of media. Junior Faith Park wants to be a witch, specifically from the movie Hocus Pocus. However, she stated that she altered the witches’ style from the movie, since she discussed, “none of the characters would match me, so I went with another version of a witch.” She stated that her look will be put together with “a witch’s hat and a cool necklace.”
Some Harrisites are interested in video games, and so their character is inspired by their favorite game characters. Freshman Jazlyn Febles chose to dress up as Rosalina from Super Mario, and said, “she’s my favorite Super Mario character.” Jazlyn will be wearing a dress, makeup, and a little tiara for her costume.
Junior Vivian Chen plans on dressing up as Klee from Genshin Impact. She described that she really enjoyed playing Genshin Impact over quarantine and that her positive experience with the game led her to the decision of dressing as Klee. She explained, “I bought a costume, but from the reviews I saw it wasn’t that good. Due to this, I will try to manipulate [the store-bought costume] a little bit…to make the garments fit better.”
Sophomore AJ Botsaris wants to be recognizable come Halloween and so she decided on being Hatsune Miku from the rhythm game Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage. She said, “I was her last year and I didn’t want to get a new costume, plus I wanted a character that I enjoyed but was still semi-recognizable to people.”
Sophomore Aima Hossen wants to be Morpheus from the new Netflix series Sandman. “I’m going to wear all black attire: a black trench coat, black turtleneck and black dress pants. It’ll probably cost nothing because I have all my materials already.”
Senior Jaabir Rabbani wants to dress up as physics teacher Joshua Ragunath. He said, “I want to do this costume… because a lot of my friends are taking his class [AP Physics] this year, and I really find Mr. R to be inspirational.” Since Mr. Ragunath constantly jokes about his baldness during class, Jaabir plans on getting a bald cap for this costume.

Group Costumes and Duo Costumes
Group costumes are also extremely popular during Halloween. For example, junior Zarah Masud and her friends will be dressing up as minions. She stated, “we wanted to do a costume which allowed for 5 people to participate.” She also said that the costume would be free as she has the outfit for it at home. She described that the parts of the costume would include “overalls, a yellow shirt and my regular glasses, along with a banana that I will walk around with.”
Junior Irene Seuk will be dressing up as Anya from Spy × Family. The costume will be a duo costume with Irene’s friend. Irene stated, “Originally, I had no idea what I wanted to be. My senior year friend wanted to be Yor Forger from Spy × Family and she asked me to be Anya.” Irene said that she has the desirable hair cut and height to match the character, while for the parts of the costume, she would buy a simple dress and things she can hold, like plushies.
Sophomore Ana Montán explains how she wants her costume to make her stand out. “I’m thinking of being Uncle Fester. You know, the bald dude from the Addams family,” she stated, “My friend wanted to go as Wednesday Addams, so I said I could be Uncle Fester. It’s funny because I get to wear a bald cap.”
Senior Tiffany Cheung will be dressing up as Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls. Not only is this costume recognizable, but she also gets to dress up with her two other friends. “I don’t really have a budget; if I don’t have the materials already, they should be really cheap.”
Although there are plenty of costume ideas listed in this article, the perfect costume may require more research and thought. Vivian gave her own advice about how to actually create the costume after finding a potential idea: “Start by looking through your wardrobes, as characters usually wear everyday clothes. Look for similar color schemes, and after having a basic layout, go to a Dollar Tree or a Party City and find accessories.”