Harrisite Takes on Blackpink’s Born Pink World Tour

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After a two-year-long hiatus, global pop star group Blackpink greeted worldwide fans with their new Born Pink tour. Blackpink performed hits from their latest album, “Born Pink,” and even gave sneak peeks to new music that may be released. Consisting of four members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, the k-pop group showcased their individual tracks and some of their record-breaking bestsellers. In the hype, fans rushed to purchase tickets, and the tour kickstarted.

With the highly anticipated tour, many fans, known as “Blinks,” awaited the chance to see the group perform. Blinks cherished the moments they saw the group on stage and reminisced on their favorite performances. Sophomore Lamiah Tasnim reflected on her in-person concert experience and said her favorite performance was“one of the B-sides to the new album, Tally,” as her eyes caught onto member Jisoo. Other fans who lacked the in-person experience watched clips of the concert online. Sophomore Sithi Das watched an online concert stream and said the group “lacked stage presence and stamina, so towards the end, it got underwhelming.” Junior Sicheng Chen also stated that they became tired as the performance went on and “wished some members had more varied facial expressions in the performance.” 

Online viewers were still able to cherish the concert as they felt the same in-person sensation. Sithi Das stated, “[they] were still able to keep me up on my feet and stay excited for their next songs.” Costumes also appealed to the audience, and many fans selected their favorites. Sithi also said, “the space outfit worn by Jennie for her Moonlight solo was breathtaking. The group outfits brought out the best features in each girl.” Sicheng said, “[Jisoo’s] red dress for her Liar’ solo was mesmerizing.” 

The concert experience also allowed Blinks to evaluate the group’s progression and improvement since its debut. Sicheng Chen commented on eldest member Jisoo’s improvement “as her dance moves were sharper and more energetic.” Although on stage, the group not only performed but also cared for the audience in taking into consideration the congestion of the crowds. Upon seeing the pop stars caution “the audience to not push and be safe,” Lamiah praised the group’s communication with their safety concerns.

While some resonated with hard-hitting beats in the title track of their newest album, “Shut Down,” others enjoyed the less upbeat melodic tunes of slow songs such as “Stay.” Thus far, the global pop stars have visited several cities in North America and Europe and will soon continue their world tour in Asia after the new year. Met with positive reception from many Blinks, the Born Pink tour precedes what fans hope will be new musical prospects and achievements. 

Art by Annie Park