The best tech gifts for students in 2022

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With the holidays quickly approaching, students are starting to give and receive gifts, with numerous “Secret Santa” groups exchanging presents throughout the school. Of course, Secret Santa exchanges usually have a more modest price tag, but there are some big ticket items from the world of technology that students are hoping they might receive from a generous gift-giver. Here are the top tech requests for the holiday season from the Townsend Harris student body.

1) Laptops: $400-$600

Laptops are always in high demand from students around the holidays, especially given how much digital work they have, whether it is at home or outside of school. The prices for laptops are generally between the range of 400-600 dollars, with some high quality ones costing up to and over 1000 dollars. Laptops are an ideal gift because they are accessible anywhere and even allow for offline work. 

Ramisa Sharif said, “I feel a laptop is more versatile than a phone or a desktop because most of them are portable, especially with the newer models being released with touch screen. It’s almost like having an iPad with desktop features.” 

2) Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones: $228

Given the popularity of these headphones, with hundreds of thousands of people now using the product, the XM4s would be a perfect holiday gift. Its main features include noise cancellation, a dual noise sensor, high quality sound with hands-free audio, and water resistance.

Sophomore Judy Kim said, “They are ideal for a student because most of the time we try to study but the overwhelming environment limits our ability to study efficiently.” 

3) Apple Watch: $400-$700

The Apple Watch has always been a gift of popular demand due to its marketability as a “smaller phone,” since it lets users text and call hands-free. Many people use them for workouts, measuring heart rate, and tracking steps. The Apple Watch is also a great fashion statement; with a variety of materials and colors to choose from, a watch can be personally customized for whatever daily activities that await its wearer. 

Annabelle Devedeux said, “The Apple Watch is a great gift for many teens because it has safety features that let family members know someone’s location along with an SOS feature that alerts emergency services when pressed.”

4) Apple AirTag: $29.00

If you or someone you know has forgetful tendencies, this gift could save their valuables from getting lost. One of Apple’s newest products, the AirTag, helps users effortlessly locate their misplaced items through the use of bluetooth technology. Through the Find My app, you can simply select the item you want to find, making the AirTag beep. If you are out of range, the AirTag sends out signals that are picked up by any device included in the Find My system within 33 feet of itself. As long as an Apple device with Find My installed is within its vicinity, users will have no trouble tracking down their lost item, no matter the distance. Already, a plenitude of holder designs have infiltrated the market, with remote cases and keychains among them. 

5) Moon Glow Alarm with Sunrise Wakeup Light Table Clock: $30.00

Most alarm clocks use a jarring noise to wake you up, but not everyone likes such a sudden, irritating interruption to their dreams. A calmer and more natural alternative is a “sunrise” alarm clock. This item will wake the user up with the use of a bright light, resembling the break of dawn. 

Science suggests that the use of light instead of sound can influence a more energized and refreshed state in the morning by reducing sleep inertia, which is the feeling of drowsiness you get directly after waking up. Being awakened abruptly by alarm clock noise can increase the effects of sleep inertia and cause higher blood pressure and heart rate. When you’re exposed to light, on the other hand, your body gradually begins producing the hormones to wake you naturally and peacefully. 

This model is powered through a cable, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your clock running out of battery in the middle of the night and not waking you up in the morning. This is a great gift for a student or an especially heavy sleeper.

6) Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector: $179.99

This projector is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to watch or make movies and videos. Weighing just 150 grams, it’s convenient to carry; yet, its projection capabilities aren’t hindered by its small size. With a screen size of up to 100 inches and brightness that can reach 30 Ansi lumens, this tiny device allows for media to be streamed and enjoyed at the same quality as a standard television.