What resolutions do Harrisites have to kick off their 2023?


Jialin Chen

Students share their goals for the new year.

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With 2023 here, many Harrisites are considering what they would like to do better this year and have created resolutions. 

Many students hope to work out and exercise more. Junior Faith Park said, “this year, I was unmotivated when it came to working out because I neither had energy nor time. I think it would be nice if I started to lift weights next year.” Freshman Adam Bhola described his fitness goal, “I am doing a lot of training…so I can [be able to] bench [more] and get better than before.”

With the new year arrives a new robotics build season, a time when students spend long hours in school. Junior Shannon Jackman stated, “ I am going to be Uber-eating a lot of food, but I am going to try to cut down on as much unhealthy food as possible because during that time, I usually gain a lot of weight due to stress and my eating habits.” She also stated, “I also want to manage my time more efficiently because I will have less time to do work.”  

A popular topic of resolution amongst Harrisites includes school work. Junior Zarah Masud stated, “In 2023, I hope to find more time to study for the SAT and my more rigorous AP classes.” Sophomore Ava Jack said, “My resolution for 2023 is to get more sleep because I want my grades to be at their full potential next year.” Freshman Jia Xin Wang said that her first goal of 2023 would be to fix her sleep schedule because “it’s a mess and the school year is only going to get more hectic.” Similarly, freshman Yugesh Kumar wants to find a way to balance his sleep schedule “even with being on the robotics team.”

Other students want to take the new year to fully focus on themselves. Senior Lucas Havens stated, “I think my New Year’s resolution is going to be focusing on what’s best for me and my health, especially as I go into big changes in my life next year.” Similarly, senior Ketan Sukhu stated, “My New Year’s resolution is to iron out my faults and become the best I can be. I feel that there is nothing stopping me from this resolution.” Junior Vivian Chen stated, “ I found that this year I spent a lot more time working to achieve certain things, and I didn’t have the time to relax. When I did relax, I would always feel guilty for not working per se.” Freshman Madiha Siddique said that she hopes to “get closer to [her] religion and to make more close friends.”

Art by Jialin Chen