Girls Varsity Basketball concludes regular season with undefeated 16-0 record


Caylin Chan

The Girl’s Varsity Basketball team concluded their regular season undefeated.

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The Girls Varsity Basketball Team concluded their regular season on Wednesday with an undefeated 16-0 record, defeating John Bowne by 21 points with a final score of 60-39. The win comes as the team’s fourth in two weeks, and leaves the team well-positioned for the playoff season. 

On January 30, the Hawks faced Benjamin N. Cardozo High school, beating them 61-34. The top scorers in the game were Eva Jane Hannon with 16 points, Aissatou Lam with 10 points, and Julianne Esmenda with 9 points. 

One of the usual top scorers on the team, Caylin Chan (Classic sports editor), was injured and unable to play in the match. Despite this, the girls were able to persevere and win the game by 27 points.

In the following game on February 2 against Bayside High School, the girls won 57-22.The game started out fairly close in the first quarter, with the Townsend Harris team only winning by four points. However, things shortly began to go downhill for BHS as THHS advanced their lead by 11 when BHS was only able to score 5 points in the second quarter. The Hawks continued to gain points on the Commodores, the Bayside team, eventually outscoring them 32-6, securing their win.

In the next game on February 6, the girls secured yet another win against Queens High School of Teaching. The final score was 62-39 and the top scorers included Aissatou Lam with 12 points, Caylin Chan with 11 points, and Ioanna Giannapoulou with 10 points. 

In their final game of the season on February 8, the Hawks beat Bowne. Now the girls will move on to play in the Queens Borough Playoffs and the City Playoffs. 

With the team’s eyes on the playoffs, sophomore Loise Arcega said, “I hope we do really well, considering last year we got kicked out in the first round.” Despite the early elimination last year, however, Loise said she has faith that the team can advance more this year.