Boys Varsity Volleyball Team Captains share their thoughts on the spring season


Chloe Mau

Nicolas Lee (left), Matthew Cantor (middle), and Andre Dayoan (right).

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Amid the spring season, the Boys Varsity Volleyball season has kicked off, and they currently hold a 3-4 record. The captains for this season are seniors Matthew Cantor (Classic Sports Copy Editor), Andre Dayoan, and junior Nicolas Lee. 

With a new slate of athletes joining the team this year, the captains are looking forward to the new relationships and team spirit that will accompany this season. Andre said, “I am constantly reminding my team and myself to prioritize having fun, especially since I am now confident in the role I have to play for the team to succeed. The team is more connected now than ever, and I hope to emphasize the importance of building bonds throughout the season.” 

The title of captain serves as far more than a title assigned to a player. The boys are responsible for upholding a series of roles centered around providing support, serving by example, and boosting the morale of the team. Nicolas said, “I try to support my teammates as much as possible when on the court by keeping the energy and confidence up because obviously, mentality is a really important aspect of the game.” He highlights that leading by example is an approach he applies during games, seen as “the way you act is seen by everyone, and you’re looked up to as an upperclassman and captain.” Andre plans to fulfill his role by “holding everyone accountable to putting the work in and ensuring we are getting better every day.” He adds, “I try to be vocal on and off the court and help guide my teammates in any way I can, such as through communicating to Coach Hanif how I personally feel the team could benefit from certain ideas.”

Due to an ankle injury, Matthew will be out for the rest of the season. Despite this, Matthew reflected on his hopes for this season, saying, “After the team had a couple of tough losses that made playoffs not possible, my main goal now is to have fun, enjoy the sport, and develop our skills as much as possible. We have a strong set of both returning and new players, so having them develop with experience on the court makes future seasons much more hopeful.” 

Coach Elvis Hanif told The Classic that a team “needs someone that the players will follow, someone who exemplifies what a student-athlete should be, and someone who isn’t hesitant, to be honest to their coach.” He shared that Andre, Matthew, and Nicolas each possess one of these traits, qualifying them to be adequate captains. 

Sophomore Zephan Mewengkang acknowledged his captains as role models who “take their time to teach, motivate, as well as play and grow with us as a team, [which has] shaped us to be more disciplined… and has definitely made our learning experience more fun.” 

“[The captains] really stepped up and took control on and off the court. They just fit the role perfectly as they are always communicating with the team, respecting everyone, and motivating us to become better players through teaching us techniques and other useful skills,” said freshman Brian Merino.

Sophomore Tristan Veragara said, “I definitely look up to Nic, and especially since we play the same position, he is always there for me if he sees I need any help. Andre brings the energy both on and off the court, and he helps keep the team in the game. Matt brings us someone we can depend on, and he’s easy to talk to and go to for tips thanks to his athleticism.” 

Under their guidance, the captains said they anticipate a season full of dynamic team spirit, a tight-knit culture, and a growing passion for the sport that will follow for years to come.