Girls Varsity Flag Football season comes to a close

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The Girl’s Varsity Flag Football Team has officially ended its 2023 season. Over the course of the season, the girls played seven challenging but rewarding games. Ultimately the girls were able to win one game and tie another game. One notable game of the season was the annual Senior Game. 

The senior game is traditionally the last home game of the regular season. Prior to the game, the seniors are honored by their fellow teammates. The seniors are given gifts from the rest of their team as the seniors say their goodbyes. While this is a sad moment for most, it is also filled with a lot of happiness and reflection on good memories made by the team.

Senior quarterback Aissatou Lam, who was new to the team this year said, “I really enjoyed my senior game with the flag football team this season. Although I have been on the team for a short period of time, I feel like I got close to my teammates in a way I wouldn’t have expected. I was pleasantly surprised by how my teammates came together to honor me, and my fellow seniors and I’m so glad I’ll be able to remember it this way.”

The final game of the season, which was also the senior game, was a challenging matchup against the top team in the division John Adams High School. Unfortunately, Townsend Harris High School lost with a final score of 0-13.

Even though the season ended with a loss, the senior game and final game have more importance than just winning or losing. Sophomore captain Ana Montan said, “Our season has unfortunately come to an end. Though it was not the outcome we expected, I am very proud of the team, as each game we grew closer and became even better. Though we did not win, the bonds and memories we made count as a bigger win. I trust that in the next few years, we will only grow stronger as a team.”

When asked about the senior game, Coach Matthew Curiale said, “The Senior game was a lot of fun as the girls were presented with flowers and posters from the younger teammates. For next year my main goal is to search for and develop a new quarterback because this year’s quarterback is graduating.”

Although this season was only seven games long, it was apparent that many goals were accomplished, many bonds were formed, and many memories were made. With the class of 2023 leaving and the class of 2027 entering, the girls have big goals for the future season. 

Junior Audrey Lin said, “This year, most of the team was new players, and we weren’t as experienced, but I know we’ll be stronger next year and I’m excited to see what we accomplish. Next season I hope to make it to playoffs and have a strong offense.”

The coach and the teammates are all proud of their accomplishments this season. Coach Curiale reflects on this season by saying, “The girl’s flag football team had a great season, and every member of the team learned and improved throughout the season. Win, lose, or draw, as long as there is significant growth, I feel accomplished as a coach.”

Photo courtesy of Amelia Ferrell