Girl’s varsity softball team reflects on their performance and goals for the next season


The Girl’s Softball Team finishes their season, reflecting on the win-streak that led them to playoffs and what they aim to achieve as a team in the future.

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The girl’s varsity softball team ended the season with a win streak of seven, moving onto playoffs. They won the first round of playoffs scoring 18-13 against College of Staten Island High School.  However, the girls’ season came to a close in the second round against Hunter College High School. 

This season, Coach Daniel Largana stepped up to the plate as the new coach for the softball team, previously serving as a coach to the girl’s track and field team. Although Coach Dan has not officially assigned the role of captain to any specific player, he has enlisted the help of junior Gabby Renzi and senior Madison Skow to help guide and lead the team to success.

Throughout the season, Gabby Renzi’s goals consist of “being able to promote team spirit, keep our energy high, and organize events for the team that help fundraise and have the best season possible. I also want to help everyone on the team improve as a player and learn the game to the best of their abilities. I’m most excited to spend time with all the girls on my team and celebrate our successes together.”                          

Sophomore Ava Pusing, who has been on the team for two years, said, “I expect most from Gabby and Madison to be able to really help our team become a family and help guide us to become stronger softball players and team members. I’m most excited for this year not just the victories we’ll celebrate as a team, but also the things we can learn and reflect on from our losses; also just being able to be goofy and energetic with the girls.”

Madison, who played softball for most of her life, said, “I am taking on the role of assisting Coach Dan with all the necessary paperwork and letting him know what the team needs and assisting him in what he needs to get done in school. My expectation this year is for a great season! For all of us to have fun, play great ball and make great friendships. For this year, I am most excited for all the great memories.”

Gabby has been playing softball ever since she was 7 years old. She said, “I didn’t play softball freshman year because of the pandemic, but … I was excited when the season started up my sophomore year. At first, it was scary and a lot of pressure to be a starter with mostly upperclassmen, but I’m glad it happened because it gave me the experience to lead my team the best I can this year.”

In addition, freshman Niah Rowe said, “I am excited to see our growth as a team and each player’s growth. Everyone on the team is excited to play and I can’t wait to see everyone improve!”