Boys Varsity Volleyball coach reflects on season

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As spring sports come to a close, the Boys Varsity Volleyball team finished their season with a 4-6 record. Their coach, Mr. Hanif, reflects on the season as well as what he looks forward to in the future. 

Coach Hanif began coaching 29 years ago as a little league baseball coach at just 15 years old and picked up coaching volleyball eight years later. His inspiration for coaching came from his desire to help young players “cultivate a love for the game.”

Freshmen Brian Merino and Ryan Roster describe their coach as being “passionate about the sport”. Brian also shares that Hanif “always wants us to strive to be our best selves both on and off the court.” Senior Stephen Xing shares that his coach can be very “energetic,” as well as “encouraging.” 

Hanif describes that as a coach, the most rewarding experience is being able to witness your players “improve and grow as people.” He also shares that coaching at Townsend Harris High School has been a very “fulfilling” and “satisfying” experience.

Sophomores Brandon Tsao and Elijah Shivers describe Hanif as a “strict” coach, but Brandon said that this is all with good intention as the team may need an “extra push” or some “motivation.” Elijah shares that his coach knows his players very well, especially their “strengths” and “weaknesses.” 

Hanif said that his goal this season was to “create a culture of young men who were committed to the sport and to improving themselves as athletes.”