After leading the team through a challenging season, the Girls Varsity Flag Football captains say their goodbyes

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The Girl’s Varsity Flag Football team ended the season with a record of 1-6 wins. The team began the season with the help of captains sophomore Ana Montan and seniors Aissatou Lam, Amelia Ferrell, and Natalia Ramlogan.

Natalia said, “Our season is over now, but it was really fun.”Although the season wasn’t exactly what the team had hoped for, they learned a lot throughout the process. 

Similarly, Aissatou said, “The flag season was really fun and a great way to end off my senior year.”

Being a captain came with a lot of responsibilities and each captain had varying goals for their team.  Ana focused on bringing up the morale of the team. She said, “ I help lead practices, but I like to make sure the team is a team. My goals were just to make sure each player grows individually and as a team as a whole,” she said.“The captain’s job is to ensure that while also supplying  advice along the way.” 

Amelia agreed and said, “[My goal was to] create a good environment for the team and help players learn and grow throughout the season.”

Aissatou said, “My expectations were to improve after each game and grow closer together with my teammates.” 

At the beginning of the season, the team lacked some members as many did not return from the previous year.  Ana said, “We had some late arrivals and additions to the team so I was at first, the only returning member. I think I’m a relaxed member of the team. Our fellow members can just come to me for anything.” 

Reflecting on the season, Natalia said, “I hope that my efforts as captain helped to uplift and motivate my teammates during practices and games…helping my teammates to learn how to play flag and enjoy it!”

Freshman MJ Buitrago said, “When I first joined the flag team I didn’t really know the captains, but as time progressed I became closer with them: through our walks to the field, leaving school early for games, commutes to away games, our European Handball games, and our last day picnic.”

With the season ending and her fellow senior captains leaving, Ana said, “I would love to say goodbye to our seniors and my fellow captains. I have loved spending time with them this season and I will try and live up to the legacy that they left behind.”

Amelia said, “I’m really proud of how far we’ve come since the start of the season. I know it wasn’t the outcome that we hoped for, but given that we only had four returning players, I’m so impressed with how everyone had adapted to play an important part of this team.”