The Townsend Turtles smoke the Cardozo Lady Judges

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Carina Acosta swimming in the 500 yd. Freestyle. Picture taken <br /><figcaption id=Photo by Diana Mora

On Tuesday, October 8th, the Townsend Harris Turtles defeated the Cardozo Lady Judges at Franklin K. Lane High School continuing their undefeated record.

Coach Jordan switched things up this swim meet, making the girls swim in races they weren’t normally accustomed to swimming. Although the girls were surprised and shocked at the news, coach Jordan assured them it was just a tactic to see how well they performed in the different events.

However, this rotation did not phase the turtles, the girls dominated the pool from the start with the 200 yd. Medley Relay. The Turtles placed first and second in this relay putting them in a winning position from the start. The other events weren’t any different than the first. The girls continued to score points for their team in both Individual events and Relays.

One of the highlights of the swim meet was the 500 yd. Freestyle, which consists of 20 laps of continuous swimming. Junior, Carina Acosta, placed first in this event. The pool room roared with screams as Carina gained a great lead over her opponents, lapping them three times. This victory added 4 points to the Turtles score.

Freshman Alexis Sarabia also swam exceptionally well, dominating the 200 yd. Freestyle event and 100yd backstroke, placing 1st place in both events. Alexis says, “ All the cheering and shouting gets me excited to get in the pool and start swimming…Winning a race isn’t always everything to me.  Win or lose, if I had fun and tried my best, then I know I succeeded”. She also states that going into an event with a positive attitude and confidence always helps her during her races.

All of the girls put their best efforts towards beating Benjamin Cardozo High School with a score of 52 to 41. Townsend continues their undefeated record, and hopes to continue their winning streak  against their greatest rivals, especially Francis Lewis.