THHS Girls cross country number 1 in Queens

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On Wednesday, October 16, the Lady Hawks attended the Queens Freshman and Sophomore Championships at Cunningham Park.

The freshmen began the afternoon in their 1.5 mile event. As a team, THHS placed second. Freshman Brianna Manginelli led the girls across the finish line, completing the course in eleven minutes and twenty-seven seconds. In addition to placing fifth, Brianna set a new personal record. Freshman Noreen Mohsin was close behind her, placing seventh and completing the course in eleven minutes and forty seconds. Freshmen Marina Aweeda, Sasha Balkaran, Katherine Chan, and Joey Lin all finished in the top fifteen and set personal records.

The sophomore team then took their places at the starting line for their 2.5 mile event next. The gun went off and the girls ran through the grass and over the hills of Cunningham to get to the finish line. Sophomore Yasmeen Ally, the first of the Hawks to finish, placed second, completing the course in eighteen minutes and twenty seconds,setting a new personal record.

Several other girls set personal records as well including sophomores Hailey Lam and Joanna Huo, who placed fifth and sixth respectively. Sophomores Nethya Sea and Cindy Xu were among the top fifteen runners, aiding the girls to finish first overall and win the Queens Sophomore Championship, defending their title from last year.

Wendy commented on the course saying that “the fact that the course is repetitive really tires me out. The second time around the course was really difficult”, but she, impressed with her team’s performance said, “Our team did amazing; we ran our best.”

“We won number one in Queens for the sophomore division; and second for the frosh [freshman] which is super awesome!” said Joanna. “Everyone was super excited and happy with the results although we were definitely super nervous before hand because we sophomores were defending our first in Queens today.”

This meet was the first of the 2013 cross country championship season, and the Lady Hawks seem to be on the right track for a rewarding year.