Bowls-eye! Andrew Eichenholz wins City Champs

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Townsend Harris doesn’t need a football team to have a super-bowler.

On Monday November 19, senior Andrew Eichenholz became City Champion in bowling at the Boys 2012 NYC individuals. Andrew had a whopping 254 points in the first game and 245 in the second. He finished his championship day with 222 pins in the final game. In total he finished with a score of 721 after three games, 23 points ahead of the bowler who came in second place.

“The toughest part of City’s was probably mentally knowing that with a pretty big lead that it was more of bowling against myself than the people around me,” said Andrew.

To get to the City Championships, Andrew had to make it to Borough’s first. To make it to Borough’s, Andrew had to have an average of 160 points per game throughout the season, and once at Borough’s, he had to place high to make it to the City Championship. Andrew had a season average of 191.44, earning him a spot in Borough’s. He finished fifth at Borough’s, advancing to the City Championship. “The conditions were really tough at Queens Borough’s, so I had to pull 7 good games in a row to jump from not making City’s at all to coming in 5th in Borough’s.”

“I’ve been bowling for thirteen years, and I started because I would have to go with my brother when he had a league on the weekend. I honestly never cared about bowling until I started bowling in high school and from then on I dedicated myself to do the best I can to represent our school,” said Andrew, who is also captain of the Boys’ Varsity Bowling team and Boys’ Varsity Tennis team.

“Depending on the school I go to, I might want to join their team so I can be able to travel the country and have an opportunity to compete on a bigger stage,” said Andrew on his future bowling plans.

“Andrew was a great captain. He led the team very well and we’re all very proud of him,” said junior teammate Daniel Wuest. For conquering New York City as a bowler, Andrew Eichenholz is December’s Male Athlete of the Month.