Boys fencing suffers tough loss in last regular season match

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The boys fencing team lost a tough match against Benjamin N. Cardozo High School on November 14, breaking its undefeated record in the last match of the season. Although the foil team won by a score of 45-32, the épée team lost by a score of 45-30, which ultimately gave Cardozo the higher final score.

Senior captain Andy Yeung was the only fencer for THHS to win definitive 5-0 matches in foil against Cardozo senior Kevin Moy and sophomore William Zhang. Cardozo senior Jessy Hu caused some problems for the Hawks with his unorthodox fencing style of lunging into people. Jessy also called a timeout during his bout against Andy. The timeout was called in order to take care of a leg injury, but it took quite a long time and many people, including the director, began to become impatient. Overall though, Andy was the standout fencer for foil, wielding his blade with flexibility and attacking his opponents with quick thrusts.

The match was one of the more exciting ones, with many students cheering on the fencers. Ms. Yan, the team’s coach, as well as the players, were very vocal during the match. They were calling instructions to each other during the bouts as well as giving each other advice on the sidelines. Although the team lost, they kept the match close and their chemistry remained the same as it’s been all season.

Senior captain Jordan Brandwein stood out in épée with 14 touches. The épée team struggled more than the foil team. They had a more difficult time getting their touches, which led to Cardozo’s ultimate victory.

The Hawks looks to put this loss behind them and return to their winning ways in the upcoming playoffs on Sunday, November 24.