Editor’s farewell: Photography

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In my junior year,  I remember hearing an announcement over the loudspeaker that The Classic was hiring.  I decided on a whim to join as a staff photographer. When Mr. Sweeney offered me the opportunity to become a member of The Classic’s Photography editing team, I was eager to accept it.

Fast forward a year and I am proud to say my co-editor, Fran Horowitz, and I have overseen and contributed to two publications of the first ever The Classic Magazine as well as developed a strong photography department.  Our staff has been excellent in helping us expand the role of photography at The Classic.  With the addition of so many photographers, the Photography department has helped Mr. Sweeney’s creative vision for The Classic become reality.  Looking back at past volumes, it’s clear that there have been photos per issue than there have been ever been before.

I am excited to see the direction the new editors will take.  In particular, I know that the Photography Department is in good hands under the guidance of Kari Iocolano and Yash Sharma, and of course, Mr. Sweeney.

Although I’ve had a wonderful experience here at The Classic my only regret is that I didn’t join sooner. My past semester with The Classic has given me oodles of memories with a fantastic group of talented and kind people whose humour, kindness and overall insanity I will miss dearly. Under the noble guidance of the dazzling Mr. Sweeney, I know The Classic is headed down a path to glory.

Finally, a message to Mr. Sweeney: no matter what challenges you may face next year with the new staff, always remember to forget the horror.