Table Tennis Keeps Head Up with Loss

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The girls table tennis team lost to Millennium High School in a close match of 2-3. However, performances in the double teams were outstanding and showed great teamwork.

Millennium High School is known to be a tough school and has beaten Townsend Harris before in table tennis, but AP World History teacher and team coach Mr. Stonehill felt confident of the Hawks improved skills and looked forward to the game.

The first match was led by senior captain Jenny Li, who lost with a score of 3-0 but showed great persistence throughout the game. In one of the games, the opponent hit the ball lightly over the net, but Jenny leaned over and hit the ball with a mighty smash back across the net. She mentioned that although she had lost the game, she had improved with “two points” and will try to improve by “working on the basics”.

Senior co-captain Yan Ying Ji was close to winning with a score of 3-2. She mentioned that she can improve by working on her serves and do more smashes against the ball.

Juniors Natalie Ascurra and Stephanie Hau crushed Millennium High School with a score of 3-0. Although they were nervous throughout the match, they showed great effort and teamwork until the end of the game. Most of the time the two players would attempt to make each other laugh when they were nervous and had a great time.

Natalie expressed her joy of winning and her enjoyment of having Stephanie as a table tennis partner “I trust my partner and we are well suited for each other, I was happy yet surprised when we won because when we were going against them during practice and they were beating us but when we were playing against them officially they started to get nervous,” she said.

After the game, Mr. Stonehill mentioned the strong points of the table tennis team “Overall our team played better compared to the last game we had with Millennium High School. We are a deep team and have a lot of decent players. We don’t have a lot of great players but we have a lot of decent ones.”