Girls soccer clinches playoff berth

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The girls varsity soccer team punched its first ticket to the playoffs since 2012 in a blowout win against the High School for Arts and Business. The High School for Arts and Business, a fair competitor of the girls this season, fell with little resistance. The Hawks, who now stand in third place in their division, won the game by a score of 3-0.

The game progressed with little spark and some near goals for the Hawks but only truly gathered momentum as the second half neared.

The tide suddenly shifted in favor of the team when sophomore Veronica Dolega scored the first goal at the end of the first half. This shot jumped right over the opposing goalie’s head and ignited a streak that would be left unbroken the rest of the game. The final two goals were taken by senior captain Kristine Guillaume and sophomore Erica Vercessi, respectively.

Despite statistical success, many still felt their performance to be lacking in some regard.

Erica said, “I feel as though I did play pretty hard, but definitely could have improved defensively, tactically, and technically.“

Although the playoffs were up in the air this season, the team’s showing definitely proves they are up to the task of continuing their season.

Kristine said, “I feel that we did really well today. There are little things that we need to work on like crosses to the middle of the box and capitalizing on those crosses. Overall though, I was very impressed with the speed and precision the team exhibited through our give and go’s with passing and getting the ball where it needed to be.”

Similarly, senior captain Ivanka Juran felt that the team did a great job in “sharing the ball and making different passing combos that allowed for the goals that were scored.”

She added, “I think the fact that the goals were scored and assisted by all different people as well serves to prove how selfless and versatile the team is.”

With this victory, the Lady Hawks moved to six wins, five losses, and one tie, a record that ensures them with a spot in the postseason; the minimum wins needed to make the playoffs is six.

All three senior captains were ecstatic about the team’s accomplishment, as this is their first visit to the playoffs since their freshman year.

Senior captain Dina Goodger said, “It’s actually a little surreal because our freshman year it was [my] first time on the team and we went straight into playoffs. Now I’m a senior, and to be going into playoffs is like our last hurrah. It’s really special for us and now we can end the season on a good note.”

Ivanka commented on how much the team has changed and improved since their last trip to the playoffs.

She remarked, “I’m so proud of how much we have achieved so far this season, and just being invited to playoffs is an honor in itself. I look forward to the competition.”

Kristine closed by saying that this opportunity is “an exciting way to end [her] high school soccer career.”