For and Against: AGAINST gun control

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In the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the status of the Second Amendment has come into question.   Liberals argue that people should not have an absolute right to bear arms because of the dangers such a right poses to others. The conservative view is to uphold the Second Amendment fully. I believe this is the correct viewpoint.

Requiring a background check on all gun sales does not prevent a black market from starting. From 1920-1933, a ban was placed on purchasing alcohol.  Little was done to enforce the 18th amendment and although levels of alcohol decreased, eventually the dealings of groups like the Mafia and corrupt government officials made it impossible for the law to be effective.

Consider the success of drug laws in this country as well.  After years of this prohibition, suddenly medical marijuana has been legalized in 18 states and two states have eased their marijuana laws even further.  Many Democrats who favor prohibiting guns from being bought by much of the population also believe that the War on Drugs has been a dismal failure and should be ended to allow people the freedom to make their own decisions about drug choices.

If we as a country could not control alcohol or drugs, how can we expect to control guns adequately?

From 2011-2012, the Social Security Administration reportedly purchased 174,000 hollow point rounds. According to the administration, these purchases were made just in case the banks run dry and civil unrest occurs, but isn’t that what we have the police and S.W.A.T. for? The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration purchased 46,000 rounds and 326,000 rounds went to the Department of Agriculture.  Why do we need so much protection for fish, tomatoes and retirement plans while law abiding citizens can’t even buy a round to protect themselves?

Although I disagree with most of the gun control proposals, some sound more reasonable than others. Limiting assault weapons, for example, is legitimate;  there really is no reason for a person to have access to such large firepower for purely recreational purposes.  Providing funding to law enforcement to control gun violence is also a good idea, which will only provide positive effects and may actually reduce gun violence.  But we must remember, no matter what, gun control can never be totally successful due to the complex nature of our society.

All in all, if a decision cannot be reached, I propose to keep the laws as they are.  Shootings will happen every day no matter what.  If the problem cannot be solved due to the potentials of a black market coming into existence and increasing in influence, the case should be closed.