Boys Basketball Bounces Back After Six Game Skid

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The Townsend Harris boys basketball team has faced newfound success in the latter part of their season.  After going on a six game losing streak midway through the season, the team has fought its way back to third place in their league.  Winning four of their last five games, the team’s chemistry is continuously growing, ball movement is improving, and smarter decisions are being made in game. Unlike previous years, the teammates have grown accustomed to each other and are currently comfortable with one another.

Team captain Andi Rustani credits their wins to “the team’s dedication and buying into the coach’s system.” Similarly, junior Justin Miller believes they come from “everyone working well together and the teamwork on the court.”

The team’s refinement has given them high hopes for future games. “As long as we continue working on our strengths and addressing our weaknesses as a team we’ll continue to play well,” quoted Andi. They plan to neither overestimate themselves nor underestimate any of their opponents.

After a successful first four games in league play, the team faced several tough opponents resulting in their losing streak. Originally at 4-0, the team’s record took a downturn and went to 4-6.

Coach DeNunzio accounted the team’s midseason struggle to the loss of several players to injuries – with some taking longer than others to heal. He also stated, “We’re fighting hard, but team chemistry is the main factor.”

In order to improve the team’s game time performance, Coach DeNunzio started to work on the team’s free throw shot percentage as well as shooting as a whole.  The team’s work paid off as they have fought their way back to an even 7-7 record.

The Hawks hope that their hard work this past season will not go to waste.  In order to secure a winning record as well as a spot in the playoffs, they will have to win their final game of the regular season on Friday February 5.