Detriments of the Demerit System

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It is only right that a student becomes aware of the consequences that arise from his or her actions. For Townsend Harris students, the demerit system has made this possible. A substantial accumulation of demerits can lead to a removal of certain privileges, such as attending trips and participating in school events. For underclassmen, this may not be such of a problem but for seniors, this can be the difference between being able to attend their last events as a Harrisite or not. Although some may argue that the demerit system enforcement should be made more lenient. There are some exceptions, however, as more serious offensives deserve the amount of demerits assigned. However, demerits such as misplacing an ID can add up, it is only one demerit but to miss events for such a offense is rather disheartening. The school should create detention hours that can be served after school and for students of all grades. It would be best if students could remove their demerits almost immediately as opposed to waiting another year for them to expire. Essentially, the demerit system is enforced to ensure that students are doing everything that they are expected of doing, however, even the best of students will find a way to obtain the occasional demerit, which is why the system should be more lenient.