Allegations by Bronx Science mother about Rosemarie Jahoda now “under investigation” by DOE Office of Special Investigations

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In January, The Classic reported on allegations made by Bronx Science alumna Eva Hangartner and her mother Anna Schuchmann against then Assistant Principal of Mathematics Rosemarie Jahoda. Eva and Anna claim that Ms. Jahoda “sabotaged” Eva’s education by purposely withholding services mandated by Eva’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) following earlier disagreements. The Classic can now confirm that NYC Department of Education’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) is now investigating these allegations. Furthermore, Anna has confirmed that she is considering legal action over the incident.

Anna said, “I was asked questions and spoke about Ms. Jahoda and [Eva’s] IEP.” She explained that she and OSI investigator Christina Bunch conversed over the details of the case for about 40 minutes. Anna made it clear to Ms. Bunch that she is upset that Ms. Jahoda is being rewarded by the DOE and told Ms. Bunch she was “still contemplating whether or not [she] would seek litigation because Eva was denied what was her due.”

Anna said, “[I am] glad [the DOE is] finally picking up this complaint.”

Ms. Bunch referred The Classic to the DOE’s press office. DOE Deputy Press Secretary Will Mantell confirmed that “this allegation is under investigation.”

Regarding the allegations made by Anna and Eva, Ms. Jahoda said, “Anything related to individual students or their families is confidential. However, I can assure you that I always act in the best interest of students.”

Anna and Eva’s story has been brought up numerous times during the ongoing controversy over Ms. Jahoda’s position at THHS. In January, the Parent Teacher Association of THHS asked Anna to write a statement expanding on her thoughts about Ms. Jahoda at THHS. In the statement, Anna wrote “I am now questioning the decision to not seek legal recourse because I am just sickened to know that Ms. Jahoda is here at your school wreaking the same havoc all over again—only this time it is a whole school community that is suffering and not just a department. If this sort of thing could happen to my daughter when she is an excellent and vocal advocate for herself, and when I was very active in the school community, this can happen to any of your children too.”

The rest of Anna’s statement to the PTA can be read below.

Recently, other members of the community have come forward with similar stories. Yesterday, The Classic reported that Instructional Support teacher Georgia Brandeis claimed that Ms. Jahoda has not “prioritized our students with IEPs.” Concerned parent Shibrah Jamil also wrote a letter to the editor addressing parents, urging them to also consider legal action against the DOE.

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