Student Union President Alex Chen starts letter-writing campaign after assistant principals Ellen Fee and Susan Brustein were denied C-30 interviews

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Student Union President Alex Chen took over on Wednesday during the weekly senior meeting in order to ask the senior grade to fill out postcards in protest against Interim Acting Principal Rosemarie Jahoda. Students were asked to fill the cards out with their name, grade, graduating class and an optional small message. Once they are collected from students, they will be sent to Mayor De Blasio’s office.

Alex stated, “After we heard the news about Ms. Fee and Ms. Brustein being blocked from moving further on in the C-30 process, we felt that the DOE and Mayor De Blasio did not hear our message. We didn’t come across strong enough, so we needed to continue pushing on what our ultimatum was; about how detrimental it will be if Ms. Jahoda is in the applicant pool for the C-30 process.”

The designer of the postcards, who chose to stay anonymous, said, “I’ve been a part of the art aspect of the protests against IA Principal Jahoda since the beginning, making posters for the rally, [these] postcards, [and] smaller posters to be hung around school. I find that art and graphic media is playing a very large role in this fight and…have the definite ability to demonstrate our requests, wants and demands.”

Senior Kortney Coburn, who previously had an issue with getting Ms. Jahoda to approve a grade change,  admired this additional effort, stating, “I think this idea is a good representation of what the school wants. The DOE should and must do something after they see the overwhelming response from the students via postcards.”

Alex concluded, “Hopefully, we’re going to get this postcard campaign to all the grades in the entire school. Hopefully then, everyone will finally be able to see how serious we are about this.”

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