Christine Lynch joins instructional support team


Photo by Matthew Neil

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Christine Lynch, now beginning her fourteenth year of teaching for the New York City Department of Education, has joined Townsend Harris as an instructional support services teacher in biology, chemistry and physics.

Ms. Lynch expressed her admiration of the academic vigor and kindness of the students, as well as her warm reception into the school.

During her first weeks of school, Ms. Lynch worked closely with biology teacher Jessica Ramdhany, chemistry teacher Adel Kadamani, and physics teacher David Stern.

“She is a very kind person who is incredibly passionate about helping students,” said Mr. Stern.

Special Education Coordinator Georgia Brandeis added that Ms. Lynch is a bright, passionate person with great ideas to offer.

In Mr. Stern’s class, Ms. Lynch is not involved in integrated co-teaching as she is in Ms. Ramdany and Mr. Kadamani’s classes. Rather, Mr. Stern leads the class while Ms. Lynch is there to help students. To this end, Ms. Lynch has suggested making detailed charts and seating rearrangements for students having difficulties with the curriculum.

Speaking of Ms. Lynch’s collaboration with Mr. Stern, Ms. Brandeis said, “At that point, when any student requires any extra assistance or needs to learn something in a different way, or needs extra supplemental materials, she’s going to be the person to be there and provide that support.”

Before Townsend Harris, Ms. Lynch taught at New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies, where she honed abilities that would foster social emotional learning, as well as academics. She emphasized that “getting to know and understand each student as an individual learner and as a person is essential.”

When asked about teaching at Townsend Harris, she shared, “My hope is to collaborate, learn and grow with this tremendous community of lifelong learners.”

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Marist College and a Master of Science in Education from Touro College. Reflecting on her decision to become a teacher, Ms. Lynch said: “Connecting with students, irrespective of subject or grade level, is what I love about my work as an educator.”