Movie Review: 88 Minutes

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By Reshma Deonarain, staff writer

The actor of The Godfather, Al Pacino, is in this psychological thriller that includes a series of plot twists. Many Al Pacino fans may enjoy this movie merely because he was in it, but others might say that this was not his best movie.

When one of Dr. Gramm’s (Al Pacino) students is murdered and he is threatened, he tries to figure out who it is in 88 minutes. Things start to fall apart and instead of the criminal Jon Forster (Neal McDonough) being guilty, the forensic psychiatrist starts to seem guilty himself.

This film is seen as cliché with the mysterious phone call that Dr. Gramm receives, the murder that occurs, and the innocent person being seen as the guilty one. As in most movies, the main character has to find out who is the person causing trouble before time runs out. Like other cliche movies, they keep investigating and accuse everyone except the right person until the end. The unique thing about the movie was that the protagonist was a forensic psychiatrist which isn’t that common.

With so much going on, the audience really has to pay attention to catch everything. Everything is very fast paced as Gramm is working fast with the 88 minutes he has. Some may argue that the only thing that really revived the movie was the acting of Al Pacino. He made certain things that people wouldn’t say in their daily life, sound good.

The movie itself was about an hour and fifty minutes long. The audience may have lost interest in the movie after the continuous accusations that turn out not to be true. However, some may find this thrilling, trying to figure everything out and what was going to happen next.

Overall, 88 Minutes is full of action. However, it is cliche and not great despite it being a psychological thriller.