Students are inducted into Archon 2019

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By Leonardo Rodriguez, Staff Writer 

On Monday, April 8, students and staff attended the Archon (The National Honor Service Honor Society) induction ceremony. The ceremony congratulated the new and returning members of Archon. Members received pins to wear on graduation day in recognition of their year(s) as members.

First year members pledged, “Thank you and we will accept and will uphold these traditions.”

First year member sophomore Shawn Edelstein said, “It really feels great to be part of a society in the school where people contribute to betterment of our community and reflect the values of the ephebic oath we all pledged to.”

Outgoing members pledged, “We hereby pass on to you the honor, duties and responsibilities of Archon.”

Second year member sophomore Chris Sullivan said, “It feels good getting my second pin for Archon and I plan to earn them all. I hope I can be a four year member and pass the honor, duties, and responsibilities of Archon to new members just like the outgoing members before me.”

Sophomore Natalie Villacres, a member elected to speak at the ceremony, said, “[…] community service shouldn’t be something that we do out of obligation, or to get into the higher honor; it’s something we should do out of the goodness of our hearts to help aid, build, and strengthen our communities.”

Coordinator of Student Activities Sarah Loew said, “Most of the members of Archon may not be old enough to vote, but that has not stopped them from making a huge difference in the community. It’s inspirational to see the amount of dedication and commitment they have for helping others without anything in return.”