Teachers sing for the crown

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With the increasing involvement of teachers in student-led school events, many were more than happy to hear of a new event at THHS that focused on teachers: Teacher Karaoke. On Wednesday, January 15, teachers, students, and staff gathered after school in the THHS band room to kick off the new event.

Senior and Vice-President of Band Council India Lott said that she first thought of the idea “over the summer.” India described, “[I] didn’t think it was actually going to happen until I told it to a few of my friends, and they said they would go to this event.” 

“It’s for a good cause,” said senior and Band Treasurer Carolina Narvaez. “Tickets were $5 and all proceeds went toward the Wind Ensemble’s trip to the Orlando Heritage Festival.”

Many teachers were up to the new challenge. School aide Yvette Reyes explained, “We want to support the students,” and the involvement of many THHS teachers reflected their support. Participants included Ms. Reyes, Dean and Physical Education teacher Robin Figleman, English teacher Kevin Schwab, science teacher David Stern, classical and world language teacher Christopher Amanna, world language teacher Paola Sierra, English teacher Ryan Dunbar, Principal Brian Condon, and music teacher Kevin Heathwood. 

 “I believe in supporting the kids and all their activities, and I think these events build the school community,” stated staff member Paul Sforza. 

Students who attended the event in the crowded bandroom described Teacher Karaoke as an enjoyable experience. Freshman Brian Hsu expressed that he was eager to attend because he “wanted to see how the teachers would act outside of a classroom environment, and it really surprised [him] to see them goof around.”

“My favorite part of the show would probably have been Mr. Heathwood and Mr. Stern’s battle to be the ‘karaoke king’ because it was a very interesting twist to what seemed like a normal, laidback competition,” said sophomore Edwin Cheng. “It would be more entertaining if there were more teachers, especially if some of my teachers [were] in it. As for the future, I think this idea has potential, and I would gladly see something like this again, especially if it were on a bigger scale, with more teachers, and in a bigger environment, like the auditorium.”

When asked if they would do it again, Ms. Reyes responded, “Absolutely. It [was] so much fun… we are ready to make a fool out of ourselves [again]. If the students have fun, we will have fun.”