South Asian Student Association encourages cultural awareness

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Last Wednesday, more cultural diversity was brought to Townsend Harris through the revamped startup of the South Asian Student Association. The leaders plan to express and embrace the character of South Asia through everything from food to music. 

The South Asian Student Association’s goal is to increase cultural awareness and to be more representative of more cultures around the school.

Junior Khushboo Shah, president of the club explained that the “club is different in that it mainly focuses on culture [of South Asia and there was no other club that does that]. We know there is a large population of South Asian students in the school, so we really wanted to come together and just celebrate it.” Khushboo said that to immerse students in the cultures of South Asia “events like Bollywood Movie Night and Bollywood Night [will be thrown] during the remainder of the school year. We would want to donate some of the proceeds to charities.”

“I think it will be fun and it will be a great way for Townsend students of all backgrounds to experience South Asian culture,” said public relations director Anil Singh.

All students are welcome to join the club. It meets every Wednesday in room 442 from 3:00 to 3:45p.m.