Should we take North Korea more seriously?

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Kim Jong-Un’s threats of nuclear war towards the U.S. and South Korea has made the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea a popular subject of debate. North Korea’s policy of Songun, or “Military First,” economically prioritizes their army over the country’s other needs, creating worldwide tensions.  Will they ever stop, or will we have to step in before the situation becomes dire?

These threats aren’t new; sanctions have been imposed on North Korea since 2009, when their former leader Kim Jong-Il vowed to increase their uranium enrichment program. The next year, North Korea fired missiles on the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong, to which the South Koreans retaliated. When Kim Jong-Il died in 2011, his youngest son, Kim Jong-Un, took over and the threats resumed with renewed zeal.

The situation peaked this March, when North Korea withdrew all non-aggression pacts with South Korea and severed major military hotlines between the two nations. On March 29, North Korea declared a state of war against the South, and a few days later warned that, “The moment of explosion is approaching fast. No one can say a war will breakout in Korea or not and whether it will break out today or tomorrow.”

Although we’ve experienced this situation before, President Obama has continued to refuse negotiating with North Korea under his ‘strategic patience’ approach. I believe this approach has led us to a point where war may break out any day. According to CNN, North Korea has enough plutonium to make about 10 nuclear warheads, which gives more than enough reason to panic. Our policy of patience has now backfired.

With their nuclear capabilities, it’s possible that the North Koreans may target Guam and other islands in the Pacific region, starting the next World War. In fact, on April 3, North Korea had already moved missiles to its coast .

It takes one small accident to cause a war, and so far, everything we have done has only made the situation worse. Our only hope is that North Korea’s nuclear allegations are false.

On a positive note, the ominous pictures of North Korea’s weapons and military ships preparing for attack turned out to be photoshopped. However, this does not mean we should let our guard down, as nuclear weapons have the capability to obliterate entire cities.

President Obama has not brought hope to the American people, and North Korea is a prime example. Because of his inept policies, perhaps in a few days we will all be in nuclear fallout shelters praying for survival.