Five finest songs on Fine Line: Harry Styles’ new album

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Former One Direction member Harry Styles’ sophomore album Fine Line, was the first No.1 album on the Billboard 200 chart of the 2020 decade. Two months after its release, everyone is still in awe of this album.

Here are the top 5 songs that everyone should listen to.

  1. “Golden”

The first song on the track-list, “Golden” is the perfect transition between Styles’ first and second album. The drums and harmonies give the track a vibrant, upbeat sound that Styles’ first album lacked. However, “Golden” still features Styles’ traditionally negative perspective, with lines like “I’m hopeless, broken” and “I don’t want to be alone when it ends.” At the end of the bridge, the line “I know that you’re scared because I’m so open” calls attention to Styles’ newfound vulnerability, a prominent theme of the album.

  1. “Cherry”

On this Fleetwood Mac-like folk song, Styles approaches heartfelt matters more openly as he shows his jealous side for the first time on this album. “Cherry” has a beautiful melancholic tone and is packed with emotion. Styles’ gentle and delicate vocals truly demonstrate his heartbreak as he sings the lines “Don’t you call him ‘baby’ / We’re not talking lately / Don’t you call him what you used to call me.” This song is one of the most powerful moments on Fine Line and hits harder when the voice note of Styles’ ex, taken while the couple was still together, appears at the end.

  1. “To Be So Lonely”

Instead of the undisguised jealousy depicted in “Cherry,” Styles is vulnerable in this peaceful song. “To Be So Lonely” is a direct response to “Cherry” as Styles sings “Don’t call me ‘baby’ again, it’s hard for me to go home / Be so lonely.” This line shows the transition from Styles’ envy and sorrow to his attempt to move on after his break-up. This tune allows Styles to relate to his audience as he shares his experiences with heartbreak.

  1. “She”

“She” is one of the more memorable and obscure songs on Fine Line. “She” seems to tell the story of a man who is infatuated with a woman. However, this sensual and sultry tune is difficult to decipher because it’s unclear whether this woman is real or a part of his imagination. This ode to one-sided love and desire continues the theme of rejection and betrayal that Styles’ hinted at in his song “Woman” from his previous album. While the over 2-minute guitar solo from Styles’ bandmates Kid Harpoon and Mitch Rowland seems unnecessary at first, a second listen will show that it undeniably completes the song.

  1. “Sunflower, Vol. 6”

This track is surprisingly simple and oddly comforting. “Sunflower, Vol. 6” is a breath of fresh air after songs about Styles’ despair. The psychedelic beat of the song is uplifting and freeing. The line “Let me inside, I wanna get to know you” reflects Styles’ yearning for honesty, trust, and openness. It seems that Styles wanted listeners to know that this song is meant to be easy-going from start to finish. 

Photo by Katrina Dydzuhn, photography editor.