Batter up: soufflé pancakes are the newest food trend

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With the ever-growing list of food trends, the soufflé pancake has recently been making waves on social media. In this modern Asian take on the breakfast staple, the egg whites are separated, whipped, and folded into the batter resulting in a fluffier, lighter pancake.

The soufflé pancake first became popular in Japan, then took the rest of the world by storm in 2018. Senior Katherine Chokpaporn said that the food trend has “most likely spread [due to] its presence in social media platforms…. [It’s] aesthetic … [which makes it a] dessert that people would want to show [off online].”  The size, color, and presentation of the soufflé pancake make it unmistakably delicate and Instagramable. 

Since then, the demand for these tasty delights has increased around the world. Over the past couple of years, places in New York City have also begun to sell this dessert. Popular Japanese pancake chain Flipper’s opened a store in SoHo, and the well-known ice cream spot Taiyaki NYC added the souffle pancake onto its menu.  The dish is also now sold in Downtown Flushing at Eggcellent Souffle Pancake.

The costs vary at each location. At Eggcellent Souffle Pancake, for two simple soufflé pancakes with maple cream, it is only $8.50. Additional toppings, such as creme brulee or fresh fruit, cost an extra dollar. On the weekends at Taiyaki NYC, three soufflé pancakes cost $7 and are served with a miniature taiyaki and either syrup or a green matcha cream.  However, at Flipper’s in SoHo, their signature soufflé pancakes are at least $16, with an additional $3 for toppings. Although Flipper’s soufflé pancakes cost more, the location’s aesthetic, as well as the quality of the food, are worth the price.

Some say that the souffle pancake may be superseded by other trends we see within the next few months on social media.  Others, such as senior Deborah Akinwumi, think that “this trend will continue this year and… will become something… [well-known] and internationally popular.”  Regardless of which place makes the best soufflé pancakes, one thing is for sure: the soufflé pancake will be one of those food trends that would make the lasting impression, the perfect combination of a breakfast favorite with a cute, miniature touch of light, airy fluffiness.