From the beginning to the end: Seniors look back on the college application process

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On May 1, national college commitment day, seniors at Townsend Harris along with those across the country decided where they would be attending in the fall. As the college process has come to an end, many Townsend Harris seniors reflected on the process from writing essays to opening letters of admissions, rejections, and everything in between.

To senior Xander Izower, the college admissions process “was tough but necessary. Once you do a bunch of applications, they get fairly easy to knock out. I am so happy the college process is over.” 

“The college process was intimidating at first, especially when it came to the looming deadlines. However, it was comforting knowing that I wasn’t alone in the application process. I knew that my friends and guidance counselor were there to help with my essays and answer any questions I had,” said senior Maria Leyba.

Factors that are considered when applying to college vary from person to person as every person has different wants and needs. For some, a major factor affecting future college decisions was academic flexibility. Senior Togay Atmaca expressed, “I was looking for a college that provided a flexible education because I know that there is a high chance I might want to switch what I study my first year, and I don’t want a college that will lock me into a program or a school that I may not be passionate about in one year’s time.”

For others, location was also an important consideration. Maria explained, “The number one factor I kept in mind during my application process was the location. I knew that no matter what college I attended, I would want to live in a big city so that I can have as many internship opportunities as possible at world-renowned companies.” Unlike Maria, Xander expressed, “The area wasn’t much of an issue for me [as] I knew I would eventually get used to the surrounding area.” but instead “the main factors were the majors.”

At the end, after all the essays and deadlines, “opening admissions decisions is the most exciting part of the college process,” said Maria. For those that applied through early decision or early action, admissions decisions were released in mid-December. Regular decision results were then released throughout March and early April. As THHS seniors reflect on their experiences, many were excited to see where they would most likely be spending the next four years. “Overall, I’m fairly happy, I was more disappointed at the beginning but I’m happy that I at least got into a target,” said Xander. Togay described,  “I applied EDII to the University of Chicago, and the minute I got in I withdrew all of my other applications. Although a part of me wishes I had the chance to see where else I could have gone, UChicago is my dream school and there would have been no point.” 

At this point, the college admissions process is now over and seniors eagerly await their next four years while finishing their last few months at THHS.