Trapeze artist shares experiences as new year swings in

Trapeze artist shares experiences as new year swings in
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Swinging, spinning, and flying through the air, the work of a trapeze artist is a fascinating art. It’s not every day that you meet someone as involved as senior Jessie Hirsch, who has been learning the craft for the past five years. Jessie shared what it has been like managing both schoolwork and her trapeze work at iFly Trapeze, a trapeze program based in East Meadow, New York. 

“I loved it, so I kept going,” Jessie said of her first experience with trapeze. She explained how training and the support of her friends kept her going and inspired her to work harder. She also said that people who were ranked higher served as motivation for her.  “Seeing others getting to perform and doing crazy tricks is a huge source of inspiration.” Jessie commented. 

However, over time, this hobby posed challenges. Jessie said, “I can get wrapped up in training, and forget to find the fun in what I’m doing and how much I love it.” Jessie also shared how it can cause physical struggles and recalled the time she experienced a bruised foot, which forced her to take a break from training. 

Despite these setbacks, Jessie encourages those with interest to get involved. “It’ll change your life,” she said. “Enjoy every moment of it. Train as much as you can and get stronger.” 

It’s not all training, however. Jessie has moved into the world of trapeze performances. She has fond memories of her first staff performance at iFly. “I hadn’t performed in years, it was my first time performing straps, and my first time performing a routine I choreographed. Besides that, I would say my first time doing a round trip (catching, returning to the bar, and returning to the board) would be my biggest accomplishment on flying trapeze, and I’m excited to be able to fly in a show soon.”

Last spring, she had been scheduled to make her debut on the THHS stage in the school play but was unable to when the pandemic hit.

The producers of the play, The Addams Family, had learned of Jessie’s talents and wanted to incorporate them into the play. Instructional Services teacher Kevin Schwab said, “The idea to have her aerial performance represented through the character of the moon was something we really wanted to try on our stage in order to bring some spectacle and originality to the production.” He added, “The Addams Family allows for some flexibility in the storytelling due to the nature of the original source material.”

“Jessie’s work is a great reminder that artistry and passion can’t be slowed down by global factors that are outside of our control. We adapt and hopefully, we all continue to work towards our goals in whatever capacity is available to us,” said Mr. Schwab. 

Videos of Jessie

Photo and videos courtesy of Jessie Hirsch