New safety agent joins Harris community

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On April 8, Paulette Ramsey, whom students may often see checking for IDs and greeting incomers in the morning, became an established Level Three school safety agent at Townsend Harris.

After twelve years of being employed in the operation unit and reporting incidents on school premises, Agent Ramsey moved on to working for the community outreach program. The job consisted of traveling to different schools and communicating with students about peer pressure, bullying, and fellowship.

Four years later, Agent Ramsey began her position at Harris. Originally, she wasn’t aware of this job opening, but her command officer already had this position lined up for her.

As far as work duties go, Agent Ramsey is responsible for supervising the first floor. She also helps keep the building safe from intruders, signs paperwork, and generally maintains order in the school. “The students only have to show their IDs, there’s not much to worry about here. The students know what they have to do,” she said.

Reflecting on the Harris community, she said “Not only is it a peaceful and enjoyable job, but it’s amazing to see our future doctors, lawyers, musicians, and scientists enter this building everyday.”

Before Agent Ramsey assumed the position, it was held by Sargent Alice Gatling, who retired in 2011. Though Sargent Gatling was notorious for giving out referrals and lecturing about the importance of IDs, she was still a favorite among many upperclassmen.

Despite Sargent Gatling’s noted strictness, Agent Ramsey expressed content with the school environment.

“The students are respectful and I like the way they carry themselves,” she said. “I brag about working at this school all the time.”