What are some popular spots Harrisites go to on half-day Fridays?

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Many Harrisites can agree that one of those most unique aspects of high school at Townsend Harris is half-day Fridays, which allow students much more free time to spend, whether it be for recreation, extracurricular activities, homework, relaxation, or none of the above. Given the abundance of choices, The Classic has created a guide of the six best spots to visit on half-day Fridays.

Gino’s of Kissena
Location: 6501 Kissena Blvd #1, Flushing, NY 11367
Gino’s of Kissena is a local pizzeria, located on Kissena Boulevard across from Queens College’s main gate. It is the perfect place to grab a quick slice of pizza after school, without having to travel very far. “My favorite thing about Gino’s is the food and the overall environment there. It’s pretty crowded sometimes but they follow the covid regulations,” said freshman Sebastian Morales.

Shah’s Halal Cart
Location: 6530 Kissena Blvd &, Horace Harding Expy, Flushing, NY 11367
Other Harrisites prefer to grab food from Shah’s Halal Cart. Junior Justin Huang said, “There’s a halal cart around the block from school, so if I have time I’ll head there with some friends and eat in the park.” This halal cart serves delicious gyros and platters with lamb, chicken, falafel, and rice. Similar to Gino’s, Shah’s Halal Cart is another local business that is perfect for students who just want a quick bite to eat.

Kissena Park
Location: Kissena Blvd and, Booth Memorial Ave, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
Kissena Park is also a favorite among students, with its beautiful fields, large sports arenas, deep blue lake, and expansive greenery. Kissena Park is the perfect attraction for students who want to relax outside after a long week of school. “My favorite place to go on Fridays is Kissena Park. I usually practice some baseball and then I head to Gino’s to eat,” said junior Jeremy Diaz.

Jib Lanes
Location: 67-19 Parsons Blvd, Queens, NY 11365
The bowling center Jib Lanes also holds many attractions for Harrisites. Freshman Jenney Huang said, “Usually, I go bowling for around an hour with my friends and then take the bus home. Once I get home, I do homework and have a little snack.” She also describes Jib Lanes as a cozy and friendly place to bowl after school. Although Jib Lanes is farther from THHS than other preferred recreational spots, it still only takes a quick bus ride to get there.

Austin Street
Location: Austin Street, Forest Hills, Queens, NY 11375
Other social hubs a quick bus ride away from THHS include Austin Street in Forest Hills, which is a popular area for high school students to browse and shop from. The bustling street includes a variety of stores and restaurants such as Target, Red Mango, Boston Market, Chipotle, and popular bubble tea places such as Mi Tea. “I go basically everyday with my friends. I really like the boba place Mi Tea on Austin St. I like the food spots and just hanging out there. It is kind of dirty sometimes but overall really fun,” said freshman Madison Donenfeld.

Queens Center Mall
Location: 90-15 Queens Blvd, Elmhurst, NY, 11373
This mall offers many fun activities and stores for shopping or buying food. The stores have attractions, which include comfy seats to listen to e-books, study, and rest. “Queens Center Mall is a cool place to hang out in, with many shops and it has just an engaging environment,” said freshman Emily Carson.

It is clear that students have a plethora of after-school opportunities on Fridays, whether they are seeking a bite to eat, a pleasant day in the park, or a spontaneous shopping spree. But no matter how Harrisites spend their free time, Fridays at THHS are always a unique experience.

Photo by Mandy Zheng