Food critic culture at Townsend: Student Instagram accounts @audreyratesbevs and @thhseats

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In the past, The Classic has spotlighted a multitude of Instagram accounts regarding a variety of activities and interests, from baking, singing, to even original affirmational memes. Some Harrisites use social media as an avenue to focus and develop their hobbies in their leisure time. Others have created Instagram profiles where they sample new meals and drinks to share their passion for food and cuisine. 

One of these Instagram accounts includes @audreyratesbevs that reviews and rates various beverages. At first glance, viewers can see pictures of Harrisites posing with a range of drinks, from the recognizable white Celsius cans to local Dunkin orders to even water from the school fountains. Started in November 2021 by senior and Classic editor Audrey Chou, @audreyratesbevs has so far accumulated a total of 307 followers and 52 posts. 

Audrey explained how her fellow peers were the reason she started her account. “People asked me for my opinions on the Celsius [energy drinks] because I would bring different flavors every day, so I decided to consolidate all of my thoughts on the account! I had so much fun, I realized I wanted to do it with a bunch of other drinks too.” 

Plus, I generally just enjoy silly concept accounts and the idea of a whole Instagram account dedicated to reviewing random drinks I have is hilarious to me,” Audrey said.

Audrey has since allowed her account to become a space for all Harrisites to share their personal reviews. She said, “now, it’s just a little side project that keeps me (and hopefully my friends) entertained. I would like to get some underclassmen/non-senior beverage reviews though! I think it’s really cool when people from other grades enjoy the account enough to submit their own; it honestly makes me really happy.”

Senior Mena Labib has started a similar Instagram account with @thhseats. Started in December 2021, the page allows students to share and review their favorite meals with other Harrisites. It has 358 followers and 13 posts currently. He said, “I started this account because my friends and I are always ordering food and they encouraged me to start a food account to document our favorite places to eat around Townsend Harris.”

He added, “I like having an account like this because it’s helpful for people who are looking to try new things and see what their friends/classmates are saying about different restaurants.”

Mena shared that one of his goals for the account was to share more reviews of small businesses in the future. He said, “It is critical to support our local community, and I believe that thhseats can do so by assisting small businesses in getting recognized.”

Courtesy of @audreyratesbevs and @thhseats on Instagram