The winter games begin: an update on the Table Tennis, Track, and Wrestling teams

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As the fall sports season is coming to an end, the winter sports season has just begun. Over the past two weeks, the Girls Table Tennis, Girls Indoor Track, Boys Indoor Track, and Boys Wrestling teams have begun competing in their respective divisons. Multiple players were asked about their experience being on the team and their goals for the future.

With the commencement of the winter season, the Girls Table Tennis team currently has a 1-1 record.  

Jenney Huang, who won the first singles match 3-0 against John Bowne, commented on her experience playing table tennis for the team. 

She said, “Practices and games are very fun and good experiences. We learn a lot from each other.” She expressed that her goals for this season “include self-improvement in terms of skill level, making playoffs, and having everyone improve.”

Meshva Patel from the first doubles match, said, “Coach Lau is active with the team with communication, support, practice, and teaching on skills to improve. He incorporates everyone into the community, making the start of our season really fun and inviting.”

As for the Boys Indoor Track team, one of the captains, Alex Yauri, said, “Considering we got new runners this year, it was rough at first. Slowly, they’re adjusting to the new environment and preparing for the big meets. Once they get the hang of it, I’m sure they’ll rank higher. As for previous runners, it is clear that we’ve improved throughout the summer and fall. I’m excited to see how our relay teams will go.”

Prior to the season just starting, Nathaniel White, a player on the track team, said, “Our teamwork has gotten better, there were no mistakes made with baton exchanges during the last meet. I think the team overall did well since we still have newer runners adjusting to how meets work.”

Senior Anusha Ramjanam, a captain of the Girls Indoor Track team, mentioned, “Indoor track just started, so we are transitioning from long distances to more explosive and short distances. We have a lot of time to improve…but we are starting off very strong. I’m also very proud of the girls because many have been setting personal records.”

Janna Pasig, a first-year member of the team, discussed the camaraderie that the girls’ indoor track team had developed.

She said, “The teamwork chemistry is amazing because everyone is supportive and optimistic. In terms of practice, it’s enjoyable and requires so much time and energy, but it’s all worth it.”

The Boys Wrestling team had their first match of the season on Tuesday. They faced East Harlem Pride and lost 42-37.

Senior Justin Linzan, captain of the wrestling team, praised the players, saying, “It’s a strong team with potential, and we’re having a lot of fun too, which is always good.

After the loss against East Harlem Pride, Aradhna Da Silva, a player on the team, said, “So far, practices are going really well. They are super fun, and I’ve been learning so much. It’s a very hard sport, but the team has been practicing a lot, and there are a lot of great players. So far we have only had one match, which we lost but not by much. I can see that the season will be really good because of our practices and attitudes towards this season.”

Photo by Ryan Young